In a world of increasingly complex challenges and short timeframes, making great decisions is more crucial than ever.

Rigorous, compelling and useful advice to solve today's and tomorrow's complex challenges.

  • Critical thinking and advice
  • Impact assessments and policy frameworks
  • Strategies and action plans
  • Engagement and workshop facilitation
  • Submissions analysis
  • A3s and design work

Training on how to best provide rigorous, compelling, and useful advice.

  • Analysing an issue
  • Curating a compelling narrative
  • Writing papers for decision makers
  • Using evidence to support decision making
  • Understanding social investment
  • Understanding the government decision-making process

A home for connection, learning and growth as we solve today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges.

  • Learning and connection events
  • Thought-provoking think pieces
  • FrankCommunity newsletter
  • Decision-making templates and frameworks to support your work